After a long and weary winter, the G5 employee recognition system can help drive energy, focus and employee engagement for your team


Baseball players have returned to Arizona’s Cactus League and Florida’s Grapefruit League for spring training. If they’re already stretching, running and getting ready for the season ahead, can spring be far behind? While many players have spent their off-season honing their skills and perfecting their abilities, there are always those, on any team, who could definitely benefit from a new commitment to team goals. Does that sound like your employees, right about now? It’s been a long winter for everyone, and you may have noticed a “March slump” in some of your key players and departments.


The good news is that spring is the perfect time for new endeavors, and it’s not too late to consider the launch of a well-planned initiative that will build up the company mojo and gets everyone’s heads back in the game.


Whether your team includes multi-year contract baseball superstars or brand-new employees who still get lost on the way to the mailroom, they still have the same basic human drives. Recognition – whether being dubbed MVP of the game or being told, “That was terrific!  Keep up the good work!” by their direct manager – is a key behavior driver, no matter who we are.


See how you can make sure your employees have their head in the game this season by introducing G5 into your starting lineup by viewing our interactive infographic

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