BI WORLDWIDE has a unique point-of-view (POV) on loyalty marketing – one that changes the conversation to lifecycle optimization and focuses on behavior change. We combine this POV with our thought leadership in behavioral economics and gamification to design marketing programs that successfully engage customers, drive desired behaviors and deliver results.


There are a number of behavioral economic theories that apply to lifecycle marketing. The theories associated with goal orientation are particularly relevant. According to goal orientation theory, humans are predisposed to achieve goals. This predisposition can be leveraged if you view loyalty marketing as driving behaviors associated with a series of goals tied to phases of the customer lifecycle.


According to the Fogg Behavioral Model, behavior change (and goal achievement) requires a combination of motivation, ability and triggers. If any of these three factors are missing, the behavior change will not happen. When we design loyalty and lifecycle programs for clients, we look for gaps in these three areas.  Is the customer intrinsically and extrinsically motivated? Does the customer have the ability to compete the desired behaviors – e.g. knowledge, resources, tools? Are there appropriate triggers in place to drive the behaviors – e.g. communications, heuristics, gamification? Any gaps must be address in the program design to be successful.


Note: B.J. Fogg, PhD, founder of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, created the Fogg Behavioral Model (FBM). In 2011, the World Economic Forum’s Wellness Workplace Alliance selected the Fogg Behavior Model as their framework for health behavior change.

Mark Pearson

Vice President, Loyalty Marketing at BI WORLDWIDE
Mark is responsible for multi-channel marketing strategy and solution design. He applies expertise in customer lifecycle, loyalty and interactive marketing to develop programs that leverage behavioral economics and gamification to drive engagement and targeted behaviors. Most programs are deployed online via responsive design, often incorporating social media extension and sales channel integration. Mark has more than 25 years of experience, a BA in English from Gustavus and an MBA in Marketing from St. Thomas.

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