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Product Director at BI WORLDWIDE
Ray Harms is a Product Director at BI WORLDWIDE. In his 18 years with BIW Ray has worked on thousands of programs. He has personally designed and implemented GoalQuest and Challengepoint programs as well as designed custom technology solutions for BIW customers.Prior to working a Product Director Ray held several positions in marketing, technology design, and implementation.

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Have you ever been given a sales goal in your career? This might have come as a monthly or quarterly target, and most likely had an annual component to it. How did you react? Typically people have one of three responses.

1.       How did they come up with this number? I am not sure if there were two of me I could meet this goal.

2.       This is reasonable; I can do this.

3.       I can do this very quickly; it looks like “easy street” for me.

Your reaction can determine the likelihood of your engagement and potential success in the program.

Many incentive programs do not take relevance into account. They use the same goal for everyone (i.e.  10% lift to achieve the award). This can be a positive if you are on the bottom of the sales rankings. It would not be difficult for you to raise your current sales by 10% and meet the goal; however if you are a top achiever, growing by 10% might be a gargantuan task. What does this lead to? Disengagement!

Why should you care about disengagement? Disengagement can mean the difference between meeting a sales goal and missing it completely. If the goals are relevant, then more of the team will “buy in” and commit to achieving the goal.

How do you fix this? I recommend ranking your sales people and dividing them into like groups (segments).  Then look at each segment and create a relevant goal for each of them. This will likely engage a larger part of your audience then you ever have before, which will lead to better results.

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