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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Attract new customers. Convert current customers into passionate advocates for your brand. Grow your sales. Build loyalty and sustain customer relationships that last.

At BI WORLDWIDE we’re about getting, growing and keeping. We start with unbiased, up-front analytics of your current assets. We provide sharp strategic direction to better engage your current customers and attract prospects. We deliver creative execution of bold customer-centric marketing solutions. And we sustain a results-driven focus to drive sales and build brand loyalty.

Our engagement programs include experiential marketing, loyalty marketing, interactive media and promotions, branded merchandise, database marketing, market research and analytics and partnership marketing.

Engage your customers at every possible point across the lifecycle.

  • Database Marketing

    Data is not merely a set of numbers or series of graphs, but a living, breathing entity with a unique and powerful story to tell. Data, handled correctly, can be smart; it can learn, and this results in smarter marketing programs.

  • Experiential Marketing

    Give your brand a face. Make your product an event. BI WORLDWIDE produces business results by engaging your consumers where they live, work and play.

  • Loyalty Marketing

    Take a strategic approach that reframes loyalty marketing as lifecycle optimization. BI WORLDWIDE apples cross-channel ecosystems and behavioral economics to design engaging loyalty programs.

  • Interactive Media and Promotions

    Give people a chance to win and win them over. BI WORLDWIDE designs, develops and delivers creative interactive promotions to address your marketing challenges.

  • Branded Merchandise

    Create an emotional connection to the lifestyle aspects of your brand. We design branded merchandise solutions that drop your name in all the right places.

  • Partnership Marketing

    Team up with marketing partners to provide your audience with a more powerful message and fresh, compelling offers. Generate measurable results at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

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