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Employee Recognition and Rewards

Let’s build an employee recognition strategy that motivates, rewards and inspires outstanding employee performance.

Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition and Employee Rewards

The potential is there. We help you unlock it.

A well-constructed employee recognition program pays dividends in employee engagement, loyalty and productivity. But it’s not about doling out cash or “employee-of-the-month” plaques. It’s about strategically building a culture of recognition. It’s about infusing employee recognition into the everyday life of your business.

We believe that employee recognition and rewards should be meticulously planned, strategic elements of your employee engagement program. They should identify and reinforce behaviors that are in line with your organization’s core values. This is your opportunity to say — both to the recipient and to everyone else — “This is what we stand for. This is what we are looking for among our team members.”

At BI WORLDWIDE, we’re the first name in global employee recognition programs. We know that specific, timely recognition is the most effective way to acknowledge employees’ accomplishments. We also know that how you as a company treat your employees will come back to you — for better or for worse.

We’ll work with you to build a successful recognition program using these key tactics.

  • First and foremost: Manager engagement. Train them on the importance of recognition and how to effectively recognize employees.
  • Clearly define expectations from the beginning. This message should come from the top and be reinforced by all levels of management.
  • Ensure that recognized behaviors align with corporate values.
  • Determine specific employee rewards and recognition strategies that are “glocal” – can be applied globally, taking into account local customs and values.
  • Measure, measure and measure again. Think your recognition program isn’t quantifiable? Think again. Accurate, consistent measurement will keep your program top of mind — and will prove that an employee recognition program is truly making an impact.

Our expertise in recognition spans around the globe and across every industry. We’ll work with you to figure out what a recognition program might look like for your company, including which rewards to offer that will be most meaningful for the people that make up your organization. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We are strategic about offering an employee rewards selection that features a mix of brand merchandise, lifestyle, symbolic and travel awards – aspirational items that are compelling and motivating.

Global Engagement Agency

We manage award fulfillment for participants in more than 120 countries through catalogs specific to each location. Our difference: local fulfillment. This, combined with our own supply chain, eliminates unnecessary “middle men” expenditures. It also enables us to make sure the awards we’re offering are culturally relevant to your recipients.

Let’s establish an employee recognition and rewards strategy that celebrates your team.

Let's work together to engage your world. 

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