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Events, Meetings & Shows

Discover why we are one of the largest full-service events, meetings and shows agencies in the world. 

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meetings and event production agency

Corporate Event Planning

We partner with you every step of the way, from initial event strategy discussions through execution. That means no hassles for you. We make sure your messages are heard, understood and acted upon.

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Corporate meeting and event planning agency - woman at desk.

Corporate Event Management

Our corporate event management teams create engaging, memorable meetings and events that go off without a hitch and deliver on your objectives. We tackle everything from big-picture strategy to meticulous execution. Our unparalleled global network of supplier partners mean we’re always local.

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Travel incentive programs for employees

Incentive Travel & Rewards

Intimidated by the logistics of incentive travel? Don’t be. We manage all the details but you have complete control: Choose from individualized or group travel. Set the budget. Decide who gets the chance to be rewarded. Know exactly what to expect.

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Experiential Marketing

We ground our creative strategy in data to curate live brand experiences that resonate with your target audience in memorable ways. We capture these powerful brand activations and amplify them to drive measurable business results.

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A message is nothing without believers, supporters and advocates.

We start with your audience because it really is all about them.

Don’t be louder. Be smarter.

An event is an investment. Make it count. Our approach is different: It’s not about showmanship and sparkles. It’s about your audience. Here's what it looks like:

Inform. Inspire. Engage.

  • Inform

    It all starts with the right message. Make it clear. Make it compelling. Make it relevant to your audience.

  • Inspire

    An experience shouldn’t just inform; it should inspire. Ignite passion and a personal connection with your audience.

  • Engage

    Your event is just the beginning. Use it as a launch pad to real action and lasting results.

The result is a lasting, positive impact on the audience and your bottom line.

Transform your message into a movement.

We find out how you want your audience to think. How you want them to feel. And what you want them to do. And then we build an unforgettable live experience around those goals. 

Here's how we do just that: 

Creative and Event Production

If it happens on stage, we’ve got it covered. We handle everything from lighting and audio logistics to visual and creative content, entertainment and more. The result: stories that resonate throughout your audience.  

Meeting and Event Management

Events live and die by what happens behind the scenes. We make it seamless. Our suite of tools and support allow us to manage events that go off without a hitch. 

These services include: 

  • Venue sourcing; single or multiple cities
  • Registration services
  • Customized menu planning
  • Team building
  • Off-site activities
  • CSR events
  • Transportation logistics
  • Customized communication, on-site branding
  • Room gifts and recognition items
  • Themed events and decor

Experiential Marketing

Flawless experiential marketing delivery requires a team of experts to handle the details to ensure a positive memorable brand experience.

Our expertise includes: 

  • Audience research
  • Project management
  • Production, design & fabrication
  • Logistics
  • Casting staff
  • Venue procurement
  • Legal, insurance, regulatory issue management
  • Content capture
  • Amplification strategies
  • Talent sourcing and management
  • Influencer search, negotiation and management
  • Measurable results dashboards

Travel Incentives

The science is clear: Nothing motivates performance like the promise of unforgettable experiences. And nobody creates unforgettable experiences like BI WORLDWIDE. As a global leader in travel incentives with unbeatable international relationships and local staffing, we plan and manage trips down to the last detail.


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