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Channel Rewards

We believe that partner loyalty is the key to unlocking incremental sales. In collaboration with MTC Performance, we offer an industry-leading partner loyalty platform that engages and motivates your channel.

Best-in-class incentive automation software backed by the first name in loyalty.

Once your product enters the channel, it’s out of your hands.

Or is it?

What if you could ensure your channel partners are highly motivated to promote your brand?

That’s the key objective of our Channel Rewards platform. We developed this solution in association with MTC Performance. Their patented software helps you retain your current channel partners by offering incentives for them to sell even more.

We’ve combined that software with our proven strategies for engaging channel partners and the result is a uniquely powerful platform.

With our Channel Rewards solution, you can:

  • Create audience-specific promotions
  • Train, test and reward your channel partners with KnowledgeBuilder
  • Process claims
  • Take advantage of a full reporting and audit package
  • Receive additional support with professional account management and consulting

Let’s empower your channel partners to reach higher levels of performance.

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