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Channel Smart

It can be hard to balance incentives and loyalty in a B2B environment. But with Channel Smart, it’s easy to run tailored, market-driven incentives that develop a connection with your channel partners and deliver results for your business.



Activate. Engage. Amplify.

To get attention and build loyalty in a channel environmentyou need to move beyond the mercenary, transactional nature of discounts and develop a holistic relationship with channel partners. But how do you begin to transform your channel relationships and drive targeted growth?   

That’s where Channel Smart comes in.  

The problem with most off-the-shelf solutions is they don’t cater to the nuances of each unique channel. What makes Channel Smart so effective is its highly-configurable core framework. It is comprised of flexible, reusable components that have been pre-developed to meet recurring market demands and can be combined in a way that works best for your channel 

This flexible approach allows you to run tailored, transformative channel incentives and loyalty programs with better speed-to-market and value.  

What you can expect with Channel Smart: 

  • Mobile and web-based access, including mobile-only solutions to simplify and extend reach within your channel 
  • An innovative sales claims process with QR/bar/coupon code claim scanning and SMS claiming to reduce frustration and make participation easy  
  • Built-in promotions with the ability to layer popular, proven contests that address specific growth objectives with precision and maximum business impact 
  • Comprehensive engagement toolkit including game mechanics, leaderboards, nudging, polling, learning and a game arcade 
  • Analytics and reporting, giving you access to critical insights and visual dashboards directly inside of Channel Smart 

Let’s work together to build long-lasting channel relationships and amplify growth.  


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