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Local Merchandise Catalogs

Our merchandise catalogs are either regionally or locally sourced in-country to provide participants with culturally relevant awards throughout Latin America that will excite and motivate.

Merchandise Catalog BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Create personal relevance with your loyalty rewards

Merchandise catalogs are standard fare in customer loyalty programs. Unfortunately, here too, you will usually find a one-size-fits-all approach that no longer works. Today’s sophisticated customers not only want a wide variety of brand-name reward items, but they also want personal relevance to their lifestyle.

At BI Worldwide, we take special care to ensure our merchandise catalogs deliver that relevance to customers with very particular personal preferences and cultural traditions in each country throughout Latin America. Our expertise, knowledge and capabilities in the region give your loyalty program that local flavor that creates a unique experience for your customers.

Collaborate with us to create a curated collection of reward items that will help your brand build relationships and enhance loyalty by becoming personally relevant to your customers.

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