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Promotional Items

Brand equity is a powerful thing. Let us help you build yours by thinking beyond mere promotional giveaways, and producing impactful marketing pieces that have a place in your customers’ everyday lives.

Branded merchandise solutions BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Staying close to your customers, without actually being there.

Traditionally, logos and slogans are imprinted onto promotional products to help build brand awareness by creating impressions. But, how can you “imprint” a lasting message in your customers’ minds the same way? That takes a whole lot of impressions. We can help by establishing long-term emotional connections with them via the right promotional products.

At BI WORLDWIDE, the practice of promotional merchandising is all about designing products that capture the emotion and lifestyle of your brand and put it into the context of your customers’ daily lives. Think along the lines of branded bottles of ice-cold water distributed at an outdoor festival on a hot summer day, or beach towels emblazoned with your logo distributed at a beach concert. We help your brand become part of their lasting memories.

As for impressions, traditional promotional merchandising logic applies – those items will continue to create impressions as long as they are being used. And, they are likely to continue being used – because of their practical nature and because they are now part of a memory and an emotional connection to your brand.

Let us help you maximize your promotional budget by producing items that turn into the “gifts that keep on giving”. Let’s get creative together!

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