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Effectively Training Call Center Reps

Sep 25, 2014

BI WORLDWIDE helped a telecommunications company to train its direct and indirect workforce on a new online service.

Training solutions for call centers BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.


This telecommunications company wanted to increase product usage on its new online service and BI WORLDWIDE helped by providing effective training for its sales force.


This telecommunications company was launching an online shopping cart technology to make it easier for customers to purchase or change their internet and TV services without having to contact a call center rep.


Educate the company’s call center reps about the new technology to give them the knowledge and skills to promote customer use of the shopping cart technology.


BI WORLDWIDE developed a website where reps could learn more about the new product and earn awards for getting customers to use the technology. The site contained a launch video, news stories and rules about new sales promotions. At a call center rep top-performer event, BIW set up a booth to provide details about the new product and sales promotion. At the call centers, BIW also rewarded reps with on-the-spot awards for demonstrating an understanding of the product and selling it to customers. 


BI WORLDWIDE was able to increase consumer product usage by 1% in the first month and usage increased by 3% in the fourth month after launch. The consumer product usage continues to gain momentum.

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