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Educating your sales force on a new product

Nov 17, 2015


BI WORLDWIDE helped this pharmaceutical company to educate and train its sales force on a new drug they were launching and how to sell it in the most effective way. 


A new blockbuster drug was the focus of this international pharmaceutical company. Because it was the first of its kind, they needed a way to share information with the sales force that would stand out.


Educate the sales force on the new drug’s safety and effectiveness, state of the disease, and strategic delivery—all with content that could be used for launch meetings that followed in other countries.


BI WORLDWIDE produced content for a three-day U.S. launch meeting: nine workshops, three learning courses, a mastery challenge event, and materials for a meeting-in-a-box—where content could be used for future launches. The mastery challenge event gave participants an interactive and competitive opportunity to understand the new product. Culminating in a sales simulation, physicians evaluated reps on their knowledge and skills. The meeting was enhanced overall with iPad technology: housing all meeting content, gathering feedback, tracking mastery challenges, and creating detailed reports from the individual to national level.


By the end of the meeting, 91% of attendees participated in the mastery challenge. 74,000 data points were captured during the meeting, providing information that was used to coach reps and improve future business objectives.

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