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Your top performers deserve the right awards

May 13, 2015

How to put together a President's Club rewards selection that is exciting, relevant and, most important, cost effective.

Awards for top performers diver at beach BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.


A pharmaceutical company was having issues with its President's Club program as it was too expensive and too outdated, defeating its purpose to motivate the top performers.


This pharmaceutical company operates an annual President’s Club group incentive program to recognize the top 5% of their sales executives. The costs of running the program were increasing making it difficult to include new and motivating destinations.


Develop new, motivating destination recommendations to keep the program fresh, while recognizing the large group of qualifiers.


BI WORLDWIDE introduced President’s Club Select in addition to the traditional President’s Club Group travel award. The top 5% of the qualifiers were split in half, with the top 2.5% of qualifiers traveling on the traditional group travel award while the remaining 2.5% traveled on their own individual “select” travel experience. This allowed the group travelers to have access to their requested European destinations and properties and the individual travelers the flexibility to choose their preferred destinations as well as the time of the year to travel.


The cost for the President’s Club Select travel was 30-35% less than the traditional group travel experience and the participants loved that they were able to choose their destination and travel dates. This allowed for new and motivating destinations as well as a cost savings for the client.

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