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Helping sales reps understand compensation plan

Nov 17, 2015


Through an innovative and effective training solution, BI WORLDWIDE helped this pharmaceutical company to increase productivity of its sales force reps and spread the knowledge of compensation plans and new goals to increase performance.


Multiple sales forces and a sophisticated compensation plan made it difficult for everyone to understand the same information at this pharmaceutical company. BI WORLDWIDE prepped the company to make understanding an easy procedure.


Build awareness and increase the sales force productivity through better understanding of its annual compensation plan.


BI WORLDWIDE worked with the pharmaceutical company’s compensation group to develop a meeting protocol that could be used throughout different management levels. An engaging Flash was used to build session energy and highlight the positive compensation plan. Train-the-trainer style sessions were created to teach managers how to use the learning sessions with their employees, and guides were created for the sales forces to reference information.


Sales reps’ knowledge of the compensation plan went up after the training by 15%, with a 63% score for understanding over the previous 48%. And with the success, the training and ongoing communications have become an annual initiative for the company.

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