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Sales force motivation for effective results

Jan 04, 2017

Motivate and develop your sales team professionals to become employees who deliver excellent sales results! A motivated sales team is usually more dedicated and becomes more stimulated for facing goals and challenges, besides increasing considerably the results of the organization.


Discover how BI WORLDWIDE helped a marine electronics company improve their sales results through the implementation of a system of rewards and recognition for their sales force. 


In the spring, this marine electronics company launched three new products.


Although sales were strong during the spring and summer months, the company needed to keep their independent dealers engaged and motivated to actively sell the new products during the first few months off all.


BI WORLDWIDE developed a goal-setting promotion for the company’s sales reps.  The GoalQuest® program design included:

  • Three level goal structure with step-up goals
  • Exponential rewards reflecting the degree of difficulty
  • All-or-nothing rewards approach
  • Pay for performance design
  • Participant self-selection of goals


 The company realized a 9% lift in sales versus the previous 2 months.

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