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A State-of-the-Art eLearning Achievement

Apr 13, 2015

How an effective eLearning program can improve the performance of a sales force.

Sales elearning solutions BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.


BI WORLDWIDE helped this global medical device manufacturer design and implement an eLearning technology to deliver training anytime, anywhere.


An iPad® launch at a global medical device manufacturer gave members of its sales force technology at their fingertips. With success using Flash-based eLearning in the past, the company came to BI WORLDWIDE for a new learning approach on the iPad to support a new product launch.


Deliver eLearning optimized for iPads and compatible with desktops and laptops.


Using its chameleon technology, BI WORLDWIDE developed custom courseware for the medical device manufacturer’s sales force. The eLearning played on the iPad and also was available on the PC platform with the standard corporate versions of Internet Explorer.



The eLearning eliminated the need for in-person training and its associated costs. The sales force now could spend more time in the field with clients. Client experienced high satisfaction and a seamless integration into the manufacturer’s existing learning management system. The client also named chameleon as the state-of-the-art eLearning achievement.

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