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Do you really want to motivate your sales team? Try something different!

Oct 09, 2016


We know that a motivated sales team is critical to the success of any business. The relationships they build with your clients create the base of your business. So, how can you help your sales team find motivation without just focusing on money and also ensuring that they deliver their best results? Here's a case study where, through an incentive and rewards program, BI WORLDWIDE was successful in generating excellent results for a large cable company.


A large cable company had 5,000  call center, retail and sales employees selling their products.


Increase sales of the core products and premium channel subscriptions in the 4th quarter.


BI WORLDWIDE developed and delivered an incentive program that leveraged the existing performance platform and featured a Warehouse  Windfall experience as the incentive award. Top performers automatically earned a trip to the Windfall. Wildcard awards were also featured to drive performance among the middle performers. Engaging communications kept the audience informed and inspired.



Premium channel sales improved by 44% over the baseline and core product sales improved by 37% over the baseline. These results were the highest achieved in the previous 18-month period. Participants rated the experience at 4.9 out of 5.

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