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Interactive Learning Environments

Nov 18, 2015


One of the biggest challenges for companies that sell through indirect sales channels is to create and implement effective learning and training initiatives that sales reps actually pay attention to and find useful. Learn more how innovative and out-of-the-box solutions can be helpful.


Providing an entertaining and interactive learning environment was important to this telecommunications company. They knew that doing so would give their sales reps the edge to share new product features to customers.


Convey new product messaging to 4,000 sales reps in 19 locations to prompt participation, teamwork, and competitiveness.


Four stations that showcased new product features and benefits created an experiential learning environment. BI WORLDWIDE also brought in characters that appeared in the company’s online courses, to become live product spokespeople. The live event created a memorable impression for reps to take away with them.


With the new product information adopted by their reps, the telecom company saw the close rate for the campaign improve by 18%. Outside of the campaign, the program proved its lasting impression by improving their overall close
rate by 11%.

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