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How well do you know your sales channel?

Oct 29, 2015

Written by: Walter Ruckes
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A quick and easy exercise to help you build effective channel marketing strategies.

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At BI WORLDWIDE, we use the principles of behavioral economics to create the best engagement strategies on the planet. We work with expert academics who advise us on the latest research on human behavior, engagement and decision-making. We use non-cash rewards and recognition to engage and motivate employees and sales teams. Check out our case study library to see how our customized and results-driven solutions have helped clients all over the world.

One thing most companies agree on is that selling through channel partners like distributors, dealers and retailers gets more complex every day. New technologies, global markets and elusive customers make communicating, training and rewarding sales reps and managers tougher than ever.

When is the last time you took a good look at your sales channel? Not just your salespeople or your customers – but the touch points along the way? The critical transactions where your brand combines with the customer experience to create impressions that are hopefully positive – but potentially negative.

As you develop your strategic channel sales plan, you are probably already including
key stakeholders such as:

  • Your national and regional sales teams
  • Distributors, dealers and retail sales management and reps
  • End users of your products, including businesses and individual consumers

But do you know how each of these interacts with each other? Where are the overlaps and gaps? What vital data are you gathering? What critical information are you missing?

Mapping and Monitoring Channel Performance

Research in the growing field of behavioral economics shows that high performing
channel sales reps demonstrate the following:


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Walter Ruckes BI WORLDWIDE

Walter Ruckes

Vice President of Sales and Channel Engagement

As Vice President of BI WORLDWIDE’s Sales & Channel Engagement Group, Walter Ruckes's primary focus is to develop sales and channel engagement strategies and solutions that change the behaviors of sales people, distributors, dealers and channel sales representatives. An expert in sales incentive strategy, he educates sales professionals around the world on how to best engage their sales force through sales engagement strategies, solutions and best practices.