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Customer Loyalty

The customer lifecycle is marked by critical touch points that make or break the relationship with your brand. We partner with you to capitalize on those touch points, driving positive behavior change, building authentic loyalty and generating measurable results.

Customer Engagement l BI WORLDWDE

Engage your customers' world.

Engage Customers with Experiential Marketing and experience marketing solutions from BI WORLDWIDE marketing agency. 

Experiential Marketing

Ready to turn potential customers into passionate brand advocates? All it takes is an unforgettable encounter with your brand. We’ll help make it happen.

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Learn about Customer Loyalty Marketing Solutions

Customer Loyalty Marketing

Customer loyalty is every brand’s goal but it’s not an end game. It’s a lifecycle. We partner with you to optimize every single phase.

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Engage your Customers with Interactive Promotions Solutions

Interactive Promotions

When consumers participate in branded games, sweepstakes and contests, your brand is the winner.

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Engage Customers with Branded Merchandise

Branded Merchandise

Efficient marketing boils down to cost per impression. Branded merchandise puts more eyes on your brand with less financial investment.

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Engage Customers with Partnership Marketing Solutions

Partnership Marketing

Align yourself with complementary brands to put your marketing efforts on overdrive.

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Build true brand loyalty with every interaction.

  • Acquire Customers


    The seeds of loyalty are planted early.  Focus on driving awareness, consideration and trial.

  • Develop Customers


    To compete, command attention. To win, command loyalty. We offer insight and tools to convert try-ers into buyers.

  • Retain Customers


    Your business is built on relationships. Maximize return on those relationships to maximize results. 

  • Amplify Customers


    The only thing better than loyal customers? Brand advocates. Let's create them and help them share your message.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Successful brands focus less on point of sale and more on the entire customer lifecycle. That’s how we operate. Our comprehensive suite of solutions drive behavior change at every stage — from generating initial attention to encouraging repeat trial to becoming a vocal brand advocate.

We partner with you to earn your customers’ loyalty. This isn’t only about punch cards or points or miles. While these efforts can be effective at driving repeat purchases, they typically don't cultivate a true brand advocate. Our approach is different. We focus on comprehensive lifecycle optimization that efficiently moves a customer from first time trial through loyal brand ambassador. And of course, it doesn’t stop there. We think of it as a continuous cycle so even if a customer reaches advocacy of one product, our efforts will push them to try another.

Let’s focus on true, lasting engagement, starting with the very first impression.

Looking for more? See all of our research on customer engagement.

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