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Block Unlock

Block Unlock® is a patent-pending system that uses gamification to drive lifecycle progression and behavior change. In other words, it helps turn try-ers into buyers and one-time customers into loyal brand advocates. 

Customer Engagement through Loyalty Marketing

When customers engage, your brand wins.

Block Unlock drives positive behavior change and customer engagement with inventive design and compelling game mechanics. Using Block Unlock, customers advance through a series of game boards that impart knowledge or encourage specific actions. We can use these game boards to encourage a new customer to write a review of their recent purchase or remind a long-time customer to schedule a service appointment – the possibilities are limitless. 

Because no two businesses are exactly alike, this innovative system is fully customizable. Block Unlock features scalable technology and available client configuration. It’s also offered both as a standalone platform and as a module within the Quantum360 lifecycle marketing platform.

The best part? It’s a game. Customers voluntarily engage with the material, all the while driving toward your business objectives.

Let’s unlock your brand’s potential to inspire action.

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