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G6 Employee Recognition Platform

Your employee recognition program is only as good as the tools it uses. G6 is BI WORLDWIDE’s sixth generation social recognition platform. It sets the industry standard for design, responsiveness and performance.

Build a culture of employee recognition with a system built for you.

What does it mean to engage your employees on their own terms? It means taking a page from today’s culturally dominant technologies, including social media, gamification and mobile communication. 

The result: A highly intelligent platform that’s as fun as it is functional. G6 changes behavior, promotes employee engagement and garners results you can see

This innovative, fully customizable platform delivers meaningful recognition to employees. Whether it’s peer-to-peer or comes from a manager, authentic recognition makes an impact on employee performance.

Key features of G6:

G6 goes wherever you go
It's the first and only recognition system featuring responsive web design that can be accessed across all devices; on a laptop/desktop, tablet or smartphone in a fun, dynamic and intuitive display.

There’s an app for that
G6’s extensive library of built-in applications can be activated or deactivated on demand, in keeping up with your overall program objectives.

Free upgrades
We offer a complete recognition system in a scalable, multi-tenant environment complete with free lifetime upgrades and the flexibility to accommodate any unique requirements and customizations.

Engagement, amplified
G6’s innovative Public Recognition App increases employee engagement with options to comment, like, follow friends, post to social networks or add points to posted recognitions. Only G6 offers the ability to turn on/off the app or integration to social networks and allows participants to opt-out of public sharing on an individual basis.

Making it personal
G6’s robust reporting suite allows managers to build personalized dashboards of recognition program activity. That means you’ll be able to see the exact charts and graphs you want to see.

Client branding and audience segmentation
Multiple audiences? No problem. G6 offers unparalleled site configurations plus client branding and audience segmentation. It is the only recognition system that allows you to determine the location, size and placement priority for each app, so participants only see what’s relevant to them.

Let's give your employees a recognition system that works for them. 

Explore a few of our G6 apps.

Let's work together to engage your world. 

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