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BUZZ: the recognition app for Millennials

Within the next few years, Millennials will make up half the workforce. This is big. It means a major shift in workplace culture. Business leaders who successfully engage Millennials will earn their loyalty — and keep it for years to come. 

BUZZ: Employee Recognition App

The next generation of recognition

Like most up-and-coming generations, Millennials sometimes get a mixed rap. The truth: Millennials are curious, driven and eternally connected. They think big and are out to change the world. They’re early adopters of technology, require little-to-no learning curve when introduced to new, high-tech ideas and they embrace change.

This is all great news for their employers – but there’s a catch. Millennials are never “off.” They’ll gladly immerse themselves in a project 24/7 and work their tails off for you but only if they believe their work is meaningful. The moment it becomes “just a paycheck,” they’re out the door.

That translates to lost productivity, low morale and high turnover.

The solution: BUZZ™
It’s the recognition app designed by Millennials, for Millennials. It plays right into their hunger for instant information, authentic recognition and meaningful work.

How it works
BUZZ encourages employees to post stories, take quizzes or polls, read announcements, track their happiness at work, celebrate milestones and so much more.

Here’s why BUZZ is changing the game for a Millennial-driven workforce:

  • BUZZ is everywhere. The best part of the BUZZ app is it doesn’t require a workstation. And employees don’t need to be anywhere near each other — or work — to be a part of what’s happening around them. Once they’ve downloaded the app on their phones, they’re immediately plugged into what’s going on in your organization.
  • BUZZ is smart. The more your employees interact with BUZZ, the smarter it gets. They’ll only see what’s relevant to them, their teams and who they interact with most. If that changes over time, as they move on to other projects and roles, BUZZ will change too.
  • BUZZ encourages recognition. This generation won’t wait for quarterly updates or year-end reviews. They want feedback in real time. BUZZ enables employees and managers alike to show appreciation and emphasize that the work they’re doing as a whole really is making a difference.

We think Millennials have incredible potential in the workforce. We work to consult, design and customize the program for your needs to have a positive impact onemployee retention, career growth, and increased productivity for employees and employers. And we can’t wait to see how BUZZ helps them (and your business) thrive.

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