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Create an authentic employee recruitment campaign

Oct 24, 2017

Applicants can see through messages that ring hollow, that don’t match the actual job and don’t reflect the real culture. But a clear employee value proposition will help your teams attract and recruit the perfect employees.

When we interviewed employees who were identified by our client in a certain job as “people they would like to have more of”, these talented and highly valued employees reported to us that when it came to their work, they were “perfectionists”.

Perfectionists - that was the word and they were sticking to it. So to attract more of the employees our client wanted, we put that question into the header of the advertisement, along with other descriptors based on our analysis of their most successful employees.

The result: Prior to this descriptor in the advertising, the company had a 19:1 ratio of the number of applicants to a job offer. After the “perfectionist” ad was launched, that ratio went down to 6:1. In the following six months, voluntary turnover also decreased significantly for this group of newly hired employees.

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