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Two steps to better sales performance: Enable. Inspire.

Feb 07, 2018

Written by: Walt Ruckes
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Unleash maximum sales performance by addressing what your team really needs from you. Equip them with the right tools and inspire them to succeed.

Effective sales engagement comes down to two simple things.

Sales leaders know there’s a never-ending stream of advice to motivate, engage and optimize your sales team. But it really comes down to two components: you need to enable and inspire them. First, put the right tools in their hands so they can effectively compete. Then, lead and challenge them to grow every day.

So what does it mean to enable and inspire your sales team? Consider these eight questions your sales team asks themselves each day. Are you giving them the answers they need? Read on to see what it takes to enable and inspire your team and how behavioral economics can be your guide.

  1. Where do I start? Goal theory: Take a look at your onboarding checklist for new reps. Include both easy and hard steps. A few “no brainers” can help your team feel optimistic, confident and build momentum.
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