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Got !t

Increase training retention by up to 170% in just three minutes per day with Got !t. We’ve blended innovative technology with everything we know about learning and engagement to maximize your training investment.

Employee Engagement Sales Effectiveness Platform - Got It

Three minutes to change the game.

If two salespeople go through the same training session but only one of them uses Got !t, the one who used Got !t will remember significantly more than the one who didn’t.

Now, which person will drive more value for your training dollar?

Got !t is an innovative sales reinforcement solution proven to increase training retention by up to 170%.

Closing the deal is contingent on having the answers. But even the smartest, most effective salespeople are prone to drawing a blank every now and then. That’s doubly true if your company regularly releases product updates or makes other significant changes.

Change the way your sales people learn and remember. In just minutes per day, Got !t helps squeeze every last drop of effectiveness out of learning investments to dramatically increase retention and transform performance when it matters most.

Powered by Qstream and based on a patent-pending learning technology developed at Harvard University, Got !t is available in 14 languages and works for all types of businesses.

Got !t is available on smartphones and tablets so your team can learn on the go and it uses gamification to engage users and keep them coming back for more.

Let’s make sure your sales team has the right answer, every time.

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