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G6 Sales Contest Platform

G6 is the most advanced sales contest and incentive platform on the planet and it’s helping sales organizations around the world achieve their goals. 

G6 Sales Incentive and Contest Platform

Recognize results.

G6 is BI WORLDWIDE’s sixth generation sales contest platform. Drawing from both research and extensive field experience, G6 features a variety of proven sales incentive designs that will give your sales team the boost they need to reach peak performance.

G6 starts with deeply rooted motivational principles and ends with a more engaged, productive salesforce and a happier bottom line.

Here’s what sets G6 apart: 

  • Exclusive portfolio of proven contest solutions
  • Experienced team of contest design professionals
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Micro-targeted content that sparks—and keeps—user interest
  • Seamless onboarding and turn-key integration
  • AWS Cloud-first technology that’s plug-and-play ready and offers free upgrades
  • Local customer service (wherever you are, we’ve got a team nearby)

All this plus relevant, meaningful, actionable contest results.

Let’s see what your sales team can really do. 


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