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Bunchball Widgets: Gamification elements on your terms

Rather than getting your users to adopt a brand new system, Bunchball's Gamification Widgets allow organizations to transform their existing tools and programs to drive motivation towards your goals.

Embed pre-built gamification components into existing solutions.

Rather than working through the process of getting your users to adopt a new system, Bunchball Widgets allow you to augment the tools you already use with game mechanics transforming your user experience to drive motivation towards your program defined goals.

  • Pure HTML embed code works with any web based tool
  • Custom CSS support so that we blend with our brand
  • Rich configuration parameters to tailor to your needs
  • Delivered from global CDN for lighting fast load times
  • Responsive design layouts for flexibility

Meet the Widgets

  • Profile
  • Leaderboards
  • Quiz
  • Badges
  • Events
  • Performance
  • Recognition

Design Made Easy

  • Security

    Widget API requests are authenticated with OAuth 2.0 to preserve the integrity of your users participation.

  • Embed Everywhere

    Pure HTML code for simple integration into your existing tools on your terms.

  • Speed

    Bunchball Nitro Widgets are delivered from global CDN to minimize latency, no matter where you're located.

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