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Summer of Love: From counterculture to workplace culture

Sep 07, 2018 Minneapolis, MN

Summer of Love 2018 may have come to a close but the workplace energy still remains. Check out this article from Employee Benefit News to learn more about our incredible summers!

"In 1967, the hippie movement centered in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco helped define a generation with the “Summer of Love.”

Today, an employer in Minneapolis has redefined the concept as an annual benefit for its employees. And in many respects, it sounds as innovative and creative as the original.

BI Worldwide, a global engagement agency that specializes in employee engagement and sales incentives with 900 employees in the United States, features a season of benefits they dub the Summer of Love, which combines a menu of summertime perks with live music, extra time off and more.

“The Summer of Love speaks to our appreciation for our associates. They work hard to deliver results for our clients, and in exchange, we strive to provide them with a rewarding and fun place to work,” says Nancy Martinson, BI Worldwide’s chief human resources officer.

Employment experts say that summertime perks, which come in all shapes and sizes, can have a major impact on an organization. They can improve an employer’s ability to attract and retain talented employees while allowing employers to communicate how much they value their workers. Seasonal perks can also be inexpensive ways for companies to build morale and create outcomes that benefit the employer’s goals..."

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