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Study: Best-in-class service awards programs

Mar 01, 2019

Written by: Steve Huffman, Vice President, Recognition Services
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Learn what leading companies are doing to recognize and celebrate employee milestones.

We recently conducted a service anniversary benchmarking study of 78 Fortune 1000 companies. We received feedback from 93% of those surveyed and have developed a “Service Anniversary Awards Customer Profile” from the data compiled.

This study validated a number of observations we have made within the Service Anniversary Awards marketplace, like the fact that most 0rganizations both value and recognize years of service with formal programs that offer a gift to the celebrant. Often, that gift is one that can be utilized outside of the workplace in a lifestyle environment. It is not uncommon for the gift to carry the corporate identity or the program logo, but that approach is becoming less pervasive within the gift selections available.

It also provided insight into other themes present in current service anniversary programs, such as: 

  • Most companies offer an award every five years starting with the fifth anniversary, but increasingly, certain industries are recognizing employees at one and three years.
  • Companies typically spend between $15 and $20 per year of service for the gift, but that can vary with some spending less and some spending more.
  • The majority of programs feature leadership involvement, including dinner or lunch recognition events, banquets, or team events.
  • Inclusion of a certificate, plaque or symbolic gift is also prevalent.
  • For programs that offered gifts, the respondents with deep knowledge of the program metrics indicated an average of 85% response rate for the award redemption.
See the full results of the study. Download now
Steve Huffman BI WORLDWIDE

Steve Huffman

Vice President
Recognition Services

As VP of Recognition Services, Steve works with an experienced team of Design and Delivery Specialists that are devoted to the development and distribution of symbolic and lifestyle merchandise awards programs. His focus is on the customer’s needs and expectations as they relate to recognition systems and individual award initiatives. Steve has been a member of the Recognition Team for over 25 years and with BI WORLDWIDE for more than 30.