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Transforming the employee experience

Watch this webinar to learn how brands like The Coca-Cola Company inspire the employee experience with recognition. 

The employee experience is all about emotion and the way employees experience their work on a day-to-day basis – whether good or bad – has a tremendous impact on many areas of business performance.

In this webinar, Dr. Brad Shuck, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership & Learning at the University of Louisville, will share research that explains the connection between the employee experience and organizational outcomes like productivity, satisfaction and retention.

You’ll also hear Gareth Whalley, Director of Global Total Rewards Transformation at The Coca-Cola Company, share why Coca-Cola has invested in transforming its global employee recognition program, how it has come to life in the employee experience and how it’s connected to a compelling employee value proposition.

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Get to know the presenters

Dr. Brad Shuck

Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership & Learning
University of Louisville

Dr. Brad Shuck is an internationally recognized thought-leader in the areas of employee engagement, leadership, and employee health and wellbeing. His work has been positioned as industry leading and at the bleeding edge of research driven evidence-based practice. Shuck is routinely featured in US-based international media outlets including Forbes, The Washington Post, and TIME, as well as international outlets such as Business World Online, India’s Economic Times, and the Hindu Times. Shuck has worked with leaders in virtually every industry throughout the public and private sectors across four continents. His insights are widely applied in both the world’s largest Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies, as well as small and medium-sized organizations seeking to grow and empower employees.

Gareth Whalley

Director of Global Total Rewards Transformation
The Coca-Cola Company

Gareth is Director of Global Total Rewards Transformation at The Coca-Cola Company, based in Newcastle, UK. In this role he is responsible for change strategy, activation principles, and global communications content around all of the company’s Total Rewards programs. He is also the thought leader behind Celebrating You, Coca-Cola’s global employee recognition strategy. Prior to joining Coke he led a varied career in multiple Human Resources disciplines across diverse geographies, taking in both generalist and specialist HR leadership positions with Procter & Gamble, IBM, and one of the UK’s most prominent real estate businesses. He’s been with Coke for over 4 years and has served as a major change agent for the Total Rewards team and the broader Global People Function.

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