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Engage Your Customers: Localizing a Global Experiential Marketing Campaign

Jun 16, 2016

Discover how embracing regional influences creates a deep connection to your consumers around the world.

Many Fortune 1000 brands can attribute their success to global footprints that drive up revenue on a massive scale. They benefit greatly from having a wide and vast set of customers. However, engaging such a geographically diverse group of consumers poses a huge challenge for mobile marketing tours and engagements.

Global campaigns should always make it a priority to adapt their experiential engagement by location. Even within the same country, regions may have different priorities, expectations, norms, preferences and cultural experiences. They are unique and it is exceptionally important to them that their favorite brands understand that. Why? As the behavioral economics principle of idiosyncratic fit states, people respond better to messages when they feel they’ve been acknowledged as a unique individual.

Of course, your brand should always maintain its integrity no matter where you are. We’re certainly not advising a full overhaul that panders to each region of the world. But just as wise travelers embrace their new surroundings, so should your brand. (As the old saying goes, “When in Rome…”) This doesn’t mean blindly buying into each and every local tradition to the point of dilution. Instead, do your research to find authentic ways to infuse home-grown influence in a brand-friendly way. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Artists – Many experiential tours incorporate an artistic or creative component. Why not use this as an opportunity to feature some of that talent? The artist will likely come with a built-in following and will resonate better with your audience.
  • Breweries, wineries and distilleries – If you plan to treat your audience to a beverage, consider tapping into a local watering hole. Consumers will marvel at the opportunity to engage with an international brand while sipping their favorite local drinks.
  • Restaurants – Same goes for food. Plenty of cities have iconic dining spots, favorite dishes or a hot new chef you could partner with.  Consumers won’t just enjoy a delicious nibble but they’ll also appreciate your nod to the local foodie scene.
  • Attractions and landmarks – Hometown pride is a very real thing. People love to know that their city is well-known for something and will feel extra pride in knowing that you recognized it! Choosing to engage consumers in and around iconic gathering areas is also a great way to increase visibility and traffic.
  • Traditions – Dive into local traditions and become a part of the culture.  Understand the market and go where the locals are.  Perhaps that means hosting your event in a fish house on a frozen lake during an annual competition or by inviting consumers to engage at a regional hot air balloon festival. 
  • Celebrities and tastemakers – Every city has at least a handful of local influencers ready and willing to partner with you. The key is to find the right ones that align with your brand. Once you do, your local audience will clamor to interact with your brand alongside an aspirational, yet familiar icon.
  • Climate – Cities in extreme climates consider the weather to be a binding thread in the fabric of their culture. Whether it’s a sun-soaked beach town, an arctic tundra or a rain soaked city, you may want to plan your engagement to take advantage of the climate.
  • Sports teams – If you’re looking for a way to spark enthusiasm, sports partnerships are often an effective approach. Consider inking a deal with a team based on your strategic markets. You’ll be able to align your brand with something your local audiences already love.
  • Merchandise – If you are planning to distribute gifts or prizes, consider striking a deal with well-known community artisans. Many consumers will notice (and appreciate) this special attention to detail and you just might get a little extra attention for supporting the local economy.

Embracing regional influences can be a secret weapon for brands that want to foster a deep connection with their customers. For more ideas on how BI WORLDWIDE can help connect geographically diverse customers to your brand, visit our experiential marketing section or email

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