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Learn and earn: share more than four letters

Written by: Peder Jacobsen, Vice President, Learning
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The truism that learning drives engagement and engagement drives results has been around for years.

We jump start this virtuous cycle with inspiration. We're about great learning and unmatched inspiration. We believe that content is king and inspiration is the power behind the throne.

The reason? Learning doesn’t complete itself. Inspiration leads to engagement, engagement to completions and completions to changed behavior. Changed behavior drives new business outcomes.

Of course, there are several ways to inspire learning. Relevant content. Great, brand-aligned creative. Accessibility on all devices. Starting with Why? to gain buy-in. All are great tools that can serve to inspire.

Bringing rewards to learning

But what about rewards? What about rewarding learners for completing critical learning that has the potential to move your business outcomes forward?

Business results continue to point to rewards as an overlooked but key inspirational tool. For one client, we rewarded managers for taking three waves of microlearning on leadership. 74%, 71% and 72% of managers voluntarily completed each wave of eLearning. Compare that to industry completion rates that rarely exceed 30% and go as low as 1%. For another, 95% of executive leaders voluntarily completed compliance learning within 60 days of launching the initiative.

For years, we’ve been bringing rewards to learning. Now we’ve taken it a step further and started bringing learning to rewards.

Bringing learning to rewards

BIW provides recognition and rewards solutions for global corporations, with hundreds of installations. These customers rely on BIW to help change their employee, sales and customer cultures.

This year we brought real learning to these rewards platforms, embedding our L•EARNwidget to bring SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) learning with audience-smart segmentation, in 19 languages and offering instant rewards to our customers. Previously, the motivational industry had “made do” with PDFs or videos followed by basic quizzing. Or they relied on links to existing LMSs. (Can you say 10 clicks and two minutes just to launch a course?)

Now our L•EARNwidget automatically activates when a SCORM course is loaded and assigned to any smart audience segmentation. It’s always available on the right rail of the main interface. Employees—and other participants, such as channel partners— can launch learning with as few as two clicks. Completion results can be loaded to any LMS, and rewards points are part of the learner’s common points bank account – ready to be redeemed for global merchandise or experiences.

Inspiration has a new face. Yes, learning can come with rewards. Now rewards can come with learning, as well. And what’s more inspiring than that?


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Peder Jacobsen

Peder Jacobsen

Vice President of Learning

As Vice President of Learning, Peder is BIW’s scout “out at the intersection of learning and technology.” Peder leverages his leadership and unique expertise in instructional design and ground up knowledge with the entire production process to evaluate and integrate leading-edge learning strategies for BIW customers globally.