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We’ve expanded our partnership with Salesforce®

Oct 20, 2017

We’ve recently developed new Salesforce® Apps to help customers simplify their sales incentive and reward programs. 

Effective sales contests and incentive campaigns require an unbelievable amount of data, reports and integrations – especially for businesses that run campaigns for thousands of salespeople. Tracking down this data, formatting it and uploading it into a separate incentive platform eats up sales managers’ time and distracts them from what is most important – closing sales.

Our new integrations with the Salesforce platform™ make the transfer of data between your Salesforce environment and BIW incentive platform a simple and effective experience.

For example, our Salesforce® App called ContestLINK allows you to seamlessly transfer your Salesforce® data to BI WORLDWIDE’s robust incentive and reward platforms. Continue reading to learn a little more about ContestLINK.

Why did we create ContestLINK?

Many of our customers use Salesforce® solutions and are burdened by the administrative tasks of pulling reports, extracting data and uploading them to their various sales incentive and reward solutions. Our ContestLINK integration will do the heavy lifting, allowing our customers to focus on inspiring and motivating their sales teams – and not spending time on confusing file formatting and complicated data exports. 

Who is ContestLINK for?

ContestLINK is for both current and potential BIW customers that use the Salesforce® platform.

In other words, our customers can use ContestLINK to seamlessly transfer Salesforce® data to BIW solutions like GoalQuest, G6, travel incentive programs and other sales reward programs.

Is it difficult to install?

No – ContestLINK is 100% native to Salesforce® and is easy to install. In fact, it can be downloaded directly from the Salesforce® AppExchange.

But there’s more.

We will be introducing a new GoalQuest App that allows Salesforce® customers to run our patented and proven sales incentive program within Salesforce® products. That means that customers can run GoalQuest a la carte, without having to gather and export your data for processing. This app will be live on the Salesforce® AppExchange in January 2018.