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Tour de Employee Engagement

Aug 06, 2015

Make your employees feel like they're in the winner's circle with these engagement lessons taken from the Tour de France.

How hard would you work for a yellow jersey? Cyclists from around the world dedicate their lives to the pursuit of that elusive item of clothing in the Tour de France.

As we look back on this year’s race, there are a few lessons the rest of us can take from this feverish pursuit of greatness.

1) Employees need something to work for. (Besides a paycheck.)

Sure, the Tour de France winners made a lot of money. And that’s not even including the brand endorsements and speaking engagements that come with the territory. But what drives these athletes to greatness is something much more memorable than money: the moment when they’re crowned the winner. Their hard work and sacrifice pays off when they’re recognized in front of their peers for their success. Your employees deserve the same validation. 

Do your employees feel like they’re winners for being a part of your team? Do they have even higher goals they’re working towards? After Chris Froome qualified to compete in his first Tour de France he didn’t stop there. He went on to win. And then win again.

2) Unity is a powerful thing.

Consider yourself the team leader and your employees the domestiques. (For those unfamiliar with Tour de France terminology, the role of the domestiques is to support the leader.) Although cycling is often thought of as a solitary pursuit, Tour de France has made it into a captivating team effort. Although each member of your team has unique responsibilities and supports you in different ways, they’re all working toward a common goal – to make your business as successful as possible.

A well-designed employee engagement program will help them stay motivated and remember why they are proud to be a member of your team.

3) Wellness is key.

Tour de France competitors aren’t just in peak physical shape. They’ve also made it a priority to be in peak mental shape. How are your employees feeling? Employees’ overall health plays an important role in how well they perform at work. After all, everything is easier when you feel your best.

Consider integrating wellness programs to keep your employees invested in their own health and on top of their game.

Regardless of how you think your employees could benefit from a bit of the Tour de France spirit, we're here to help. Get in touch with one of our employee engagement experts and we'll help you come up with some solutions that work for your company.

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