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Employee wellness programs powered by Under Armour®

Feb 14, 2018

Written by: Beth Sundberg
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Healthy employees are a cornerstone to maintaining a productive, present and effective workforce. Research from the RAND corporation shows that businesses have spent more than six billion dollars on wellness initiatives for their employees. So it is no surprise that organizations are offering stand-up desks, treadmill rooms, step challenges and other wellness programs to encourage employees to stay active and healthy in and out of the office. 

As experts in the employee engagement, rewards and incentives industry, we believe that corporate wellness programs can increase employee engagement by offering rewards to employees that exhibit healthy behaviors. We also understand that business leaders need simple ways to launch, manage and maintain wellness programs, which is why we’ve been working on the technology to do just that.

We are excited to offer an integration with UA Record™. Our customers can leverage our employee wellness programs powered by Under Armour® to help launch and manage activity challenges. In addition, customers can reward challenge winners with items from our rewards marketplace while driving healthy behaviors without requiring or providing specific models of step-tracking devices to their employees.

Additionally, the integration with UA Record™ enables our customers to promote their wellness programs within their current BIW engagement platforms, allowing for simple program management, employee tracking and reward redemption.

For employees, the integration allows them to track their activity and earn rewards using virtually any fitness device. That includes fitness trackers from Under Armour®, Fitbit, Polar®, Garmin®, Apple Watch®, Jawbone® or smartphones connected to GoogleFit or Apple Health. Once employees provide data sharing authorization, their fitness activity will automatically flow to their BIW engagement platform, where they can track their step progress to activity challenge goals and earn award points that can be combined and accrued with other BIW-supported recognition and incentive opportunities.

For example, this integration will allow Sara from Marketing to earn that new six-person deluxe camping tent by hitting her challenge goal of 15,000 steps per day for four weeks. Or Tom in HR can finally earn tickets to the REO Speedwagon concert at the State Fair simply by walking 300,000 steps in a month.

Ultimately, we want our customers' corporate wellness initiatives to be easy to launch, manage and execute so that employees continue to be engaged, healthy, happy and productive.

Featured integration: Employee wellness programs powered by Under Armour®

Learn more about offering activity challenges powered by UA Record™.

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