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Awareness Trial Usage Study

Sep 18, 2014

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A global eye-care manufacturer partnered with BI WORLDWIDE to conduct a product-specific trial and usage assessment.


An Awareness Trial Usage Assessment was deployed in the consumer good industry.


This global eye-care products manufacturer desired to conduct a brand assessment for its allergic conjunctivitis product. While positioned as the market leader with 80 percent share, the therapy is threatened by new entrants, which include generics and over-the-counter (OTC) products.


Conduct an Awareness Trial Usage Study to uncover what factors motivate prescribers to purchase products in this category.


BI WORLDWIDE developed the protocol and executed this Awareness Trial Usage Study to current and competitive prescribers. Our design utilized a forced-choice methodology when asking these prescribers to evaluate three key factors: clinical, lifestyle, and value. Prescribers were asked to evaluate multiple products and their brand association to these factors.


The study results showed our client’s brand strengths when compared to the competitive product set, as well as emerging threats. The study indicated that “lifestyle” (number of drops applied to the eye per day) was the primary brand driver with “value” (product cost, formulary considerations) as the emerging threat. This firm’s Marketing team is moving away from having “clinical” messaging as its primary focus and developing new sales and marketing collateral that emphasize “lifestyle” attributes with “value” messaging as secondary. The Awareness Trial Usage Study was recently repeated by BIW due to a new, competitive entrant in the marketplace.