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Developing an Employee Communications Hub

Feb 02, 2014

A successful electronics retailer needed to reduce the costs associated with a traditional large corporate meeting, but still wanted the benefits of employees sharing information.

Build an Employee Communications Hub


One of the most successful electronics retailers needed a unique solution. They wanted to reduce the costs associated with a traditional, big, corporate meeting, but still wanted the benefits of getting employees all together to share information.


Establish an ongoing education hub that provides the type of consistent information one would find at an all-employee meeting.


BI WORLDWIDE produced a virtual training conference. This untraditional approach used popular conference aspects to familiarize employees with the digital meeting—a general session, breakout sessions and 55 trade show booths—featuring videos and presentations.


The virtual training conference has become the center to go and review information, increasing retention rates. Most impressive, is that the site is being used by more than 10,000 employees who could not attend the meeting when it first launched online.