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Improved Onboarding Program

Jul 06, 2014

Discover how BI WORLDWIDE solutions helped a leading medical device firm sucessfully prepare its new employees during a time of intense competitive pressure.



A leading medical device firm, facing intense competitive pressure from new entries into the market, cited uneven preparation of new hires as the cause for waning sales performance.


Create state-of-the-art onboarding organization program and resources using existing content and resources that could be expertly delivered by rotational Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The new onboarding initiative should be able to accommodate new hires with diverse backgrounds, reduce the length of onsite time, facilitate updating and migrate the program to a digital delivery platform.


BI WORLDWIDE designed and implemented a new on-site on-boarding program leveraging upgraded content into shorter, highly interactive and evidence based program.

Highlights included:

• A strategic learning blueprint integrating content, interactive exercises, critical measures of success, certification, at home eLearning and post onsite modules.

• A re-engineered onboarding program to significantly improve learning, retention, delivery time and resources, experiential learning and coaching.

• A comprehensive set of updateable, instructor-led training modules for all job functions: slides/ notes, SME video clips, interactive exercises and product demos.

• A self-paced certification program that ensured step-wise mastery, experiential programs resources and a final certification including detailed role plays with stakeholder experts.

• A single repository of all training material on a Learning Management System tied to sales aids and analytics.


The program met or exceeded all specified objectives. New hire sales results exceeded their veteran predecessors by 26%. Participants reported significantly higher levels of confidence in detailing to diverse clinical, economic and technical client stakeholders. The sales managers reported that new hires were more prepared in less time.