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Sales Incentive Program

Dec 29, 2014

Employee Mobile Recognition 


A retail eyewear organization excelled at improving their customers’ vision, but needed to focus on enhancing their Rx Sun sales. BI WORLDWIDE helped store managers to see the light.


Increase sales of prescription sunglasses over the same period the previous year.


BI WORLDWIDE developed and implemented a new sales incentive program on their existing platform to align with the client’s consumer prescription sunglass promotion. Store managers received program kits including tracking posters so that each store team could monitor progress to goal. A sweepstakes drawing for online quiz completion sharpened sales skills. And top performers participated in BI WORLDWIDE’s Warehouse Windfall, an event that put participants into our warehouse, where they raced against the clock to grab as much exciting merchandise as they could.


Prescription sunglass unit sales increased by 29.22% over the same period the prior year. The promotion had an ROI of 4.35-to-1.