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How to Create a Powerful, Productive and Connected Workforce

Nov 11, 2014

Written by: Tim Houlihan
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The best companies in the world don’t guess about how to amplify performance...They know!

Employee Engagement and recognition solutions that are powerful 

The science and art of human behavior. There’s a growing body of research on the significant drivers and motivators of human behavior. What makes us work harder in some situations and not in others? Why do we slack off on the job or take focus off a goal? What factors go together to make a top-flight, high-performing team of colleagues?

Behavioral economists have some startling new answers and they’re learning more every day. But how can that academic research be distilled into workable, practical blueprints for highly complex and forward-thinking organizations? That’s where BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) comes in. We work with academic leaders and field researchers from leading universities to apply their groundbreaking research by designing solutions that companies all over the world are using to increase employee engagement.

Behind the art of our design lies some impressive technology too. We’ve harnessed those research-based behavioral lessons to create our unique social recognition system – G5. It was designed specifically to meet the needs of highly connected employees, while addressing corporate concerns for the highest levels of security, brand image and reputation management. 

Partner of choice for engagement leaders. Our clients include the companies you read about every day, the ones who are often recognized by business and behavioral experts for the proven power of the recognition, incentive and engagement initiatives they deploy. Behind all of those success stories, there’s one common factor – they’ve partnered with BIWORLDWIDE. 

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Tim Houlihan at BI WORLDWIDE

Tim Houlihan

Vice President
Reward Systems Group

For more than 25 years, Tim Houlihan has indulged his curiosities of human behavior in the workplace. He passionately pursues answers to questions such as “Why do some people work harder than others?” and “Why do some people set and achieve goals?” and acknowledges that behavioral economics holds excellent explanations for some of these mysteries. As the Vice President of Reward Systems at BIW, Tim is responsible for leading the development of innovative reward systems. He partners with academic colleagues from leading universities around the world and he is actively engaged with leaders in Fortune 1000 companies to develop solutions for the human side of business problems.