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Cultivating True Customer Loyalty

Jan 11, 2015

Written by: Mark Pearson
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To cultivate true customer loyalty you must focus on developing your existing customer relationships.

Engage customers to create customer loyalty

Although development is the second stage of the customer lifecycle, it is the first real opportunity to cultivate brand loyalty. Allocating the appropriate focus and resources to behaviors in this stage is critical. Not only does it optimize your customer base from a fincancial perspective, it also builds a solid foundation for longer-term relationship development incresed retention and ideally, advocacy.

Development behaviors can generally be grouped into three categories - continuity, onboarding and growth. These behaviors are universal in that they apply to many different types of customers, including B2C and B2B2C.

Continuity behaviors focus on getting a trier to become a buyer, habitually purchasing the product or service and in the long run, becoming a regular customer. These may include:

  • Making a second purchase
  • Repeating or routinely purchasing
  • Increasing frequency of purchases
  • Increasing ticket average of purchases
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Mark Pearson

Vice President
Loyalty Marketing

Mark is responsible for multi-channel marketing strategy and solution design. He applies expertise in customer lifecycle, loyalty and interactive marketing to develop programs that leverage behavioral economics and gamification to drive engagement and targeted behaviors. Most programs are deployed online via responsive design, often incorporating social media extension and sales channel integration. Mark has more than 25 years of experience, a BA in English from Gustavus and an MBA in Marketing from St. Thomas.