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5 Ways to Make Your eLearning Mobile and PC-Ready

Dec 17, 2014

Mobile Options for Learning


Tablets are increasingly being used by business professionals throughout the world. Ensuring that your eLearning systems are mobile-ready is paramount to their success. 

The iPass 2012 Mobile Workforce Report showed that 64 percent of mobile workers
carry a tablet – the vast majority being an iPad. And 80% of respondents who had not
purchased a tablet planned to do so within six months.

Yet, the PC still dominates much of the business landscape. Most companies rely on
PC technology. Even avid iPad users occasionally access PCs for various business needs. This dual technology landscape presents a challenge to eLearning providers who must make compelling content available to both iPad and PC users.

It’s a conundrum. You know good content rules. You want to make your eLearning content engaging, highly interactive, flexible, adaptable, cutting-edge and accessible to everyone. Your content developers are telling you that you can’t have it both ways. They tell you to pick one.

Great eLearning that plays on the iPad or PC; or page-turner eLearning that can
play on both.

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