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The Ultimate Guide to Service Rewards Programs

Jan 28, 2015

Written by: Steve Huffman
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This eBook provides you with evaluation tools, checklists, processes and other information you need to ensure that your service rewards program is world-class.

Ultimate Guide to Service Anniversary Awards 


Often in place since a company was founded, service award programs are an expected and appreciated tradition by most employees in organizations both large and small. However, even tradition needs to be updated and refreshed to keep pace with the ever-changing global environment we all operate in. Whether you are in the unique position of launching a service awards program for the first time or simply taking the time to re-evaluate your current program. 

The free ULTIMATE GUIDE to Service Anniversary Reward Programs has eight chapters of information that will help you take your reward programs to the next level. 

1. First Impressions Matter: Evaluate your technology
2. Networking Rules: Incorporate social tools
3. Make it Meaningful: Build the right awards collection
4. Actionable Information: Create effective reports
5. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Make fulfillment easy
6. What’s this for?: Keep your program visible
7. Keep Costs Down: Maximize available budget
8. Time Well-Spent: Implement a world-class program

Like virtually every other aspect of business operations, technology rules in service awards programs too. In the eyes of your employees, how you communicate and implement your service award program from a technology standpoint can be every bit as important as the awards themselves.

A critical objective of service anniversary programs is to express appreciation and show employees that you value them. Your program website is often the first impression your employees have with this important recognition initiative— think of it as the “gift wrap”. What’s inside is important, but the presentation of the gift can deepen the meaning and show that you really put extra effort into marking this special occasion. A world-class service anniversary website will have these attributes and functionality.

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Steve Huffman BI WORLDWIDE

Steve Huffman

Vice President
Recognition Services

As VP of Recognition Services, Steve works with an experienced team of Design and Delivery Specialists that are devoted to the development and distribution of symbolic and lifestyle merchandise awards programs. His focus is on the customer’s needs and expectations as they relate to recognition systems and individual award initiatives. Steve has been a member of the Recognition Team for over 25 years and with BI WORLDWIDE for more than 30.