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Hit the Road: Planning a Successful Experiential Marketing Tour

Aug 10, 2015

Whether you are planning to share your message at trade shows, festivals, fairs, open pop-up shops or deploy street teams, you’ll want to plan and execute with precision. Of course, like any road trip, an experiential marketing tour is susceptible to pitfalls, so we’ve assembled a short list of strategies to keep in mind before you hit the road.

experiential marketing tour


While family vacationers pack up their minivans to explore the countryside this summer, experiential marketing teams are hitting the road with clients. An experiential marketing tour is one of the most effective ways to deliver your brand in a dynamic way. When done correctly, they’re difficult to ignore. They’re refreshing and powerfully impactful. In an age of pervasive virtual communication, face-to-face interaction is pure gold.

Are you ready to go out and meet your customers where they are? Read these nine strategies before hitting the road:

Let's get started:

1. Map it out: Plan your route strategically. Consider physical locations, commute times, fuel and when you'll get peak exposure at key destinations. 

2. Consider your ride: Some experiential marketing tours operate out of multiple 18-wheelers while some only need one sprinter van. Match your vehicle to your needs based on space, functionality, brand message and budget. 

3. Stay flexible: Even the best-laid plans shouldn't be set in stone. Take advantage of unforeseen events like pop-up festivals and be preared to adapt if something isn't working correctly. 

4. Make some friends: Create brand advocates by allowing consumers to interact with your brand on their own terms. What selles your brand? Is it touching? Tasting? Smelling? Feeling? Make it sensory to make it impactful. 

5. Document your sucess: Before your hit the road, establish a clear list of goals and objectives. Measure and record your metrics each day. Compile long-term data so you can spot trends and opportunities to improve. 

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