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A Day in the Life of A Service Award Recipient

Jul 20, 2015

Written by: Steve Huffman
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Today is your employee's twenty-fifth anniversary. His expectations are going to be high. How will he be recognized for his hard work, sacrifices and contributions?


Every one of your employees deserves to feel that moment of recognition and gratitude.
When you acknowledge their contributions and achievements in a way that makes them feel valued, they’ll reciprocate that energy to your company a hundred times over.

This is your moment to galvanize employee loyalty; your opportunity to shape him into an enthusiastic ambassador and mentor for future long term employees. What you do for Chris on his work anniversary will show him, and all of his peers, how much – or how little – you value dedication and loyalty.

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Steve Huffman BI WORLDWIDE

Steve Huffman

Vice President
Recognition Services

As VP of Recognition Services, Steve works with an experienced team of Design and Delivery Specialists that are devoted to the development and distribution of symbolic and lifestyle merchandise awards programs. His focus is on the customer’s needs and expectations as they relate to recognition systems and individual award initiatives. Steve has been a member of the Recognition Team for over 25 years and with BI WORLDWIDE for more than 30.