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8 questions your sales team asks everyone (but you).

Nov 03, 2017

Written by: Walter Ruckes & Mark Hirschfeld
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The role of the traditional salesperson keeps changing but the nagging, often million-dollar question still remains: "What makes a salesperson successful?"

We've got a new way of looking at sales success. Our research-based conclusion is that a common quality of successful salespeople is curiosity. They aren’t afraid to ask questions. They are eager to learn about anything new (like new products and solutions). And they embrace new technology.

They ask prospects and customers questions to learn more about their business. They ask their teammates for ideas on how to break into new accounts and break through to bigger accounts. And they are constantly asking themselves how they can get more and better results. 

But all too often, they don’t ask their managers the important questions. 

BI WORLDWIDE's Level Up eight-question sales model was developed to help sales leaders enable and inspire their teams to make the most of their natural curiosity. Do YOU have the answers to make your sales team, and every person on it, as successful as possible – in the shortest amount of time?

Companies all over the world are spending more and more time and money to enable, challenge, drive, motivate, train and compensate their sales teams and channel partners to grow revenue. Some of these tactics work great. Others fall flat on their face. The difference, we believe, comes in asking – and answering – the right questions.

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Walter Ruckes BI WORLDWIDE

Walter Ruckes

Vice President
Sales and Channel Engagement

As Vice President of BI WORLDWIDE’s Sales & Channel Engagement Group, Walter Ruckes' primary focus is to develop sales and channel engagement strategies and solutions that change the behaviors of sales people, distributors, dealers and channel sales representatives. An expert in sales incentive strategy, he educates sales professionals around the world on how to best engage their sales force through sales engagement strategies, solutions and best practices.
Mark Hirschfeld BI WORLDWIDE

Mark Hirschfeld

Vice President, Research and Strategy

Mark Hirschfeld is Vice President of Research and Strategy at BI WORLDWIDE. He’s passionate about helping companies develop more engaged, productive places to work. Mark is the co-author of "Re-Engage: How America’s Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort In Extraordinary Times", published by McGraw-Hill.

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