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MAGNIFY SUCCESS: The measurable impact of recognition

Mar 14, 2017

Written by: Mark Hirschfeld
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When employees have confidence they will be recognized for their contributions, they are more likely to repeat them. We know this from our global research into the factors that motivate employees today.

How to measure employee recognition

What measurable impact does the implementation of a reward and recognition program have on employee engagement? To gain insights into this important question, we conducted a survey with a client that recently implemented our G5 recognition system.

The G5 platform has many features for employees and managers to recognize each other. They include:
• The tool is responsive—it can be accessed by computer, tablet or smart phone,
• It’s social—users can “like” and comment on recognition messages
• There’s badging—which helps amplify critical behaviors.

The survey was administered to approximately 3,000 employees who have enrolled to participate in the recognition program. Below are the results of a survey item that was asked prior to implementation of the platform and the results for the same survey item six months later:

Out of an employee population of 3,000, that’s almost 500 more employees who agree with the statement than did six months ago. That’s 500 more people who have likely received recognition, of some kind, that made them say they’re now “confident” they’ll be recognized when they do good work. This improvement in results between survey administrations is statistically significant. The company did not make any other changes or implement any other programs that could explain the improvement in results.

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