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Nudge Your Sales Reps to Higher Performance

Apr 27, 2017

We've partnered with behavioral economists at Carnegie Mellon University to research explanations for employee behavior, specifically in sales incentive programs like our patented GoalQuest program.

When their team needs to meet an ambitious sales goal, managers often turn to incentive programs as a proven method of motivating employees to perform at higher levels. And while it can be intuitive to believe the risk-loving nature of salespeople would lead to both high goal selection and high goal achievement, research is proving otherwise

Download our article to explore the findings of this research, including how applying behavioral science to an incentive program design can give reps the nudge they need to higher performance. 

In the article you will learn the key components of an effective sales incentive program, including: 

  • The importance of allowing sales reps to choose their own goals and rewards.
  • The power of using behavioral economics in your sales incentive design.
  • Structuring incentives in a way that improves sales rep performance at all levels.
  • In-depth program participant research and analysis from Carnegie Mellon



Push your sales reps to the next level. Download the full article.

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