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WEBINAR: Setting your sights on top performance

Jan 16, 2020

Lea Sorrentino, BI WORLDWIDE is joined by CooperVision to share how their gamification program engaged employees and helped reduce turnover at their North American distribution center.

CooperVision® was looking to optimize distribution order fulfillment, increase productivity,  improve employee engagement, and improve attendance. To help accomplish these goals, CooperVision enlisted the help of BI WORLDWIDE's gamification platform, Bunchball Go, to create a mobile designed gamification program to engage employees to reach goals and help reduce turnover at their North American distribution center. 

Listen to our full webinar featuring Lea Sorrentino, Director of Creative Strategy, Bunchball Division at BI WORLDWIDE, and Aaron Cipparuolo, Stacy Mee, and Kevin Butler at CooperVision to show MyCooperVisionWorld, CooperVision’s gamification program. We’ll cover: 

  • What originally brought CooperVision to Bunchball for their gamification needs.

  • CooperVision’s experience with gamification and what Bunchball Go offers.

  • The ROI CooperVision is seeing with gamification.

  • Where the group sees the program evolving over the next few years.

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Lea Sorrentino

Lea Sorrentino

Managing Director

Lea Sorrentino has worked with Fortune 500 clients across all industries with a focus on supporting and maximizing consumer and employee engagement.

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